Feature Request: Zoom on all extents/selection

Hi all,

would it be possible to add a button zoom on all extents to jmp ? This would zoom out the camera to show the whole scene. Eventually a zoom on selection would be a byproduct of this functionality. Would be helpfull in bigger scenes so that users can do it with a single click instead of needing to zoom out manually. So what do you think devs?

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Sure thats possible

Just thinking about its implementation…

Part of scene viewer? Scene composer? everything? Maybe part of the camera control tool bar (wireframe, light, etc).

I was planning this along with the front, left, etc view…

It should be part of the camera control tool bar IMO, but the location of this tool bar is still uncertain : in the scene composer window, or in the main toolbar.

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I found some simple solution (not a complete one) for the need of “Zoom Extend” in a 3d editor , don’t know it helps or not :




The implementation is quite simple and pretty effective.

For the “where to place” question , I sure that we will need a whole Camera Plugin for the future need <= Why don’t you guys make one separated Camera Plugin ?

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thanks for the link it’s gonna be useful!!

there won’t be a separate camera plugin, but some tools to use with the camera that any plugin can use

Great zo hear it is planed, and the info about the different viewports.