(February 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

How are you going to find bottlenecks in your code with such a machine?? :laughing:

I will use one of my other machines. I have a lot of them.

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It was a matched pair, I bought a Mushkin 8GB kit which came with 2 4GB modules. Either of the 4GB modules would work so long as I kept one of the original, 1 or 2GB, sticks in the upper slot, but they wouldn’t work together.

I read a bit about it and apparently Toshiba laptops are “notoriously” picky about memory.

Those memory chooser tools online aren’t particularly reliable in this case as they generally only look for RAM that meets the laptop specifications, in this case 200 pin DDR2 up to 800mhz, but apparently this laptop only works with specific types of 200 pin DDR2 memory and there’s no way of knowing if a particular pair of memory sticks will work without just testing them in the laptop.

Today, I finally fixe my last (I hope) issue to generate proper MSSAO. Now I need to clean and optimize (the last fix was to use RGBA32F instead of RGBA16F to store normal + depth with enough precision and avoid crappy artifact.


very nice David :wink:

…finished port of some old stuff, needed to be finished…a bit time consuming, but what to do…


Hey I always love seeing your code and WIP stuff, but I honestly habe no idea what’s going on here. Maybe an explanation for a layman like me?


@empires, Screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) is a rendering technique for efficiently approximating the computer graphics ambient occlusion effect in real time.

There are several variation of SSAO (I listed 10+ and and a survey, if you’re insterested). The one included in jME is too blur and blocky for my need. Last year, I tried to implement a the paper of Mc Guire, but I failed to produce the expected result. Multi-Resolution Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion (MSSAO) was the other one that I noted, and Nehon +1 my choice, so I try to implement it (into my deferred pipeline). And yesterday I finally have the first results. In fact, the implementation is incomplete and I guess some optimization are possible.

My code is available at GitHub - davidB/jme3_ext_deferred at mssao


Your pipeline is really becoming something great :slight_smile:

Let me post my humble project.
I’ve been working on my spare time on an octree editor. It’s still very early stages, basically just roughed out the algorithms to see if it’s actually usable to create worlds.
It’s my first Jme project.
The worst headache was making the textures seamless among voxels of different size in different positions. Unfortunately I have to stop this project for a while to focus on the things that actually pay the bills.
Here’s a youtube video:

And the source files here (they are still quite messy ;P)


wow terrific

That looks amazing! Just turn down the noise filter a bit maybe.

wow thanks that helps a ton!!! now i can actually appreciate what youre doing :slight_smile:

After seeing what’s new this month my project immediately started to look super shitty lol :stuck_out_tongue: however, this morning I played my first offline match with it and everything worked just as expected, so I decided to celebrate the event posting a screenshot anyways :smiley:


Looks interesting… what is it?

Yah, it’s a selection of mods I believe together are incredibly powerful.

  • Remain in Motion for moving blocks
  • Project Red for wiring, micro blocks and switchable lights
  • OpenComputers for well, computers :smiley: (and lua)
  • BuildCraft for generating the power needed by the computers (optional)

My unsubstantiated opinion is that as long as people don’t try to beat Minecraft on it’s own turf, the market is looking for lots of what Minecraft does badly, such as the survival part taking less than an hour to be done with and the AI is just awful (not that I’d do better) and so the player spends most of it’s time inventing needs instead of reacting to needs. Also, not story driven, and then there’s a thirst I believe for space stuff and so on. Also, there is still a great weakness in Minecraft linked to the copy pasting stuff between maps (or inside the same map) being impossible if you aren’t the kind that uses only basic (uninteresting) blocks. This just stinks.

For me, the biggest reason Minecraft still dominates lies in it’s mods… Captain Obvious to the rescue!
Eloraam is currently trying to beat Minecraft on it’s own turf so maybe even that is doable.

Anyway, I’ll gladly check up your game when you finish it ^^.

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Is she still around? I thought she was dominated by real world issues and abandoned hobby of coding things for fun.

https://twitter.com/therealeloraam ^^

A 1v1 board game, inspired by an installment of the Might & Magic series. I started with aiming to a 1:1 emulation, time constraints made me change my plans :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe someone could lure her to JME side? :chimpanzee_closedlaugh: