(February 2023) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Let me start this months screenshots.
I worked a little on the material editor for a model.
One can now copy a material from one model and paste it to another model.
This will make more than one model use the same material, which is good for performance.


I refactored Terranova to fix some broken dependencies and rebuilt the menu to correct some issues in javaFX 12+. Built a quick terrain test and all looks good with the refactor.



I enabled flags you can capture for your team. Here I loaded a bunch of flags and captured some, switched teams, captured some, switch teams etc:


That’s a lot of flags.

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Normally, one flag would make the “king of the hill”-game, like, capture the statically positioned flag, hold it for as long as possible (in a throne room kinda setup).

There’s also games where you pick up flags, then you are hunted for those flags, the longer you hold them yourself, the more points you score.

I got a name for my scene editor and here is a quick screenshot of a scene I put together.
Note that there is no post processing yet except for shadows and FXAA.


I’ve been working on some AI behaviors for a patrolling group of NPCs. Here’s a short video showing a group of dark elves that patrol a trade route while pulling a cart full of toxic plagued barrels behind them.

The patrol group consists of a leader NPC that pulls the cart, as well as 2 follower NPCs that follow behind at a slight offset to the left and right so they end up walking in a nice triangle formation.

They all prioritize fighting nearby enemy players, and then they will return to patrolling the route when out of combat. If the leader lost control of the cart, he will also back-track to prioritize picking up the cart before continuing the patrol route.

The player can also interact with the cart to pull it themselves, and this will be useful for another set of quests I’m working on where players can either make a delivery for the Dark Elves if they’re allied to them, or attack and steal the cart if they are at war with them.

I also opted to use an Emitter with a PreferredDestinationInfluencer from the ParticleMonkey library to simulate a magical tether effect for the Agent that is actively pulling the cart. This ended up being much easier than creating animations for every NPC that can pull the cart by physically grabbing the wooden handles, and this way gives the player more flexibility since it still allows them to fight while the cart is tethered to them. It is a fantasy world after all, so might as well utilize magic to make things easier whenever possible :laughing:

For now I am satisfied enough with the results to move onto the next task, but in the future I would like to come back to this to integrate some vehicle physics so the cart will operate more realistically, and I would also like to add the ability for the toxic barrels on the cart to use physics so they can accidentally slide off of the cart and explode on the ground when the cart is being pulled too fast on uneven surfaces.


I added a door-like mechanic in my game. Set up a small test with a spawning prize that is sucked towards a wormhole, but blocked by the door that appears and disappears. I have to look into why the resolution is so poor.


This month I’ve been working on making Tamarin VR grab controls more fully featured. Previously it was a requirement that anything moved by the hands must be attached directly to the root node; I’ve removed that restriction. I’ve also made it possible for objects moved by the hands to be restricted to only move within a certain region (along a straight line for now).

A nice thing about removing the restriction that nodes moved by grab controls must be attached to the root node is that they can now be nested; you can have a grab controlled node that has a parent that is also grab controlled, as demoed in this video:

This is available in Tamarin 1.4.1