(Febuary 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

So I may start this one.
Trying to make an in engine time profiler that monitors each steps of each frame on the cpu and on the gpu.
It’s not yet perfect, because some gpu time is not monitored but I’m looking into it.

For example here is the TestSSAO2 test scene with a lot of geoms and the ssao filter with approximated normals.

Don’t mind the 19 fps, the screen capture software is killing it.

EDIT: oh and left value is CPU time right value is GPU time


This is awesome! This sort of stuff is incredibly useful for digging into performance problems.

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I have been playing with shaders for weeks now, and it is the best thing in programming I have done. I was always scared off of them but it’s not been difficult to pick up. The great JME documentation has been a massive help.

My area lights are now totally sorted and export from blender. The left one is really simple rim lighting - I know it’s been done in JME already. The red is rim lighting thats being directly hit by a light and the green is where there is no light. I’ll probably end up using the red with a 0.2×green or something. Not sure how realistic it is but it looks nice, keeping it subtle.


What are your system specs?

Jester or me?
I have a core i7 cpu, and an nvidia 1070 graphic card

new models + blue light up rope


I have updated my editor:

ver. 0.9.3
-Added a bullet app state to scene editor.
-Added supporting debug physics to a bullet app state.
-Added supporting editing rigid/vehicle/character controls.
-Added actions to make collision shapes.
-Added supporting creating/editing vehicle wheels.
-Updated working with layers in scene editor.
-Some fixes and improvements.


After some feedback on Spoxel I’ve been toying around with replacing my main character model. Sooooo i’m looking for feedback. The first model in the video is the current model and the second model is a rough test to see if it could fit.

I’ve also experimented a little bit with a variation between the two although that model is VERY rough and more to sketch out the idea. You can see all 3 of the models in the screenshot below:


Liked all 3 tbh. With the Test one in the video, since it’s more realistic I think it’ll require more realistic animations. Dude on the bottom right looks cool btw.

Yea, the animations on the new test model are no where close to done. I’ve just spent a few years looking at the current model so i’m not objective about it anymore.

have you fiddled with the walk animation speed to make the feet “stick” rather than slide along the ground?

Having watched it again, I’m thinking the first one feels a fraction too big, but ultimately I prefer the newer one. More room for details though thats more work

Not yet. I haven’t put a ton of work into integrating it extensively yet until I can figure out if it fits enough. I’m worried it loses some of the “charm” of the old model. There is a pretty significant amount of work to make a new model work as well as a number of armor sets, hats, and hair styles that would need to be redone.

Sounds like a hell of a lot of work, for very very little gain …


Nothing special here, just some new weapons…


PBR textures?


CGA mode in my game (easter egg):


My new Inn