(Feburary 2019) Monthly WIP & Screenshot thread

Finally got far-object support working over the network layer. This nearly killed me.

My original approaches did not work and I ended up doing something that was more of a compromise but it will work for most typical far object needs and allowed me to play Dad of Boy (I mean God of War)… which was my reward for getting this piece working.


Here’s a screenshot for the game I’ve been working on for the past several years. The game is called Bot War. It’s a single-player FPS played on a spherical planet. The graphics are fairly basic, but sometimes you get some quite nice scenes. I’ve spent today just playing the game, and taking hundreds of screenshots, and then choosing the best ones, as I’m currently putting together a Coming Soon store page on Steam.


JME 3.3 New Tween Animation - Anim Blending (first try)

Audio tween + Idle mobility state will be added for the next video …


Hi All here is my first app. something different: Teddy Boo. I see a lot of “big boys” stuff here dungeons, shooting , monsters and spaceships. So mine is different, a cute Teddy bear :slight_smile: I hope you like it.
I put most work into the looks, the 3D models and animation, and tryed to keep the programming a bit simple becouse its my first. But even trying keep it simple turned out to be a lot of work. I used forum and Wiki a lot. Thanks for putting all the help here.
You can try it here:


That is SO cute!!

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Thank you. “Cute” is exacly what im trying to make


do you have any issues with android 7

Pretty nice, I m interested if you can share any workarounds (if any) u have done or any bottlenecks you overcome.

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Well hell, I can say that while most of the gamedev companies in my country struggle to make a living, the only one bringing in millions and millions a year makes a never ending stream of talking cat mobile apps.

So out of all of us here you’re the only one with the right idea it seems. Just make sure you add a lot of microtransactions and you’re set for life.


It’s sad this is the truth. Many companies (specifically EA & Epic Games) abuse micro transactions in a already expensive game to juice out the players wallet for unnecessary virtual items. It’s profitable for them and they probably won’t ever drop it.

kaloyan: yes there was issues with android 7. (Triangles wild flying every where) I found solution in the android part of forum. If i make a new project with newest library files the problem still exist. Im only using 3 library jar files. Core + the 2 android, becouse im not using anything advanced.

Ha Ha, yes Talking Tom. Btw i dont like that cat. I have no plans for in app sales. I use a simple solution: a free version, and a premium version. Hoping they want to put the teddy bear to sleep, the bedroom is in premium version :smile:

My Bottlenecks are: 1 scenecomposer. I ended up just dublicate in blender (making sure its only one piece of blender-data cloned)
And for IDE: Im sorry to say I use the old 3.0 to convert my blender files to j30.


Since your goal is to make the teddy look cute, here’s a little edited pic:

I’ve added eye highlights, this is the key change.
As minor changes, in the original pic there seems to be a light source located near the big bear’s mouth, which makes a rather spooky effect. You know like when you shine a torch on your face from below. This was reduced in the pic on right.
Finally, some minor color changes,


Yeah, I don’t mean to be critical but the original bear was a little creepy.

My daughter was very sensitive to stuff like that when she was young and probably would have sworn off the phone completely with something like that. (Autism spectrum… when she was really little she used to scream when people would try to use a CD player because a CD skipped once… Fortunately, she’s mostly grown out of the worst quirks.)

Edit: one of the big positive things when she was younger was she hated pretty much all human dolls. Looking through her eyes, they are super-creepy. She refused to go down any toy aisle with a Barbi or a baby. That was just fine with me.

Today she’s a pretty well adjusted young teen. Some parts of her brain caught up with the others or something.

Yes you are right, its a scary lightning. But hopefully only scary at night light. Is it Ok at day light?. After sun is tabbed it turns night, he is holding a light soirce in the hand. Thats what make the scary look. My original plan was that he pick up a lamp. I moved that part to my wish list, but kept the light in the hand. I will need to work on that part.

Is the creepy problem only at night light? or the day-teddy need something too?
The creepy light is becouse he have a light source in the hand. Sometimes you get caried away with the posibilities what you can do, so when i figured out how to give him a light in the hand i think that was a fun effect.

It’s the dead look in the eyes that I saw. Something about it.

And here it is.

This is demo of character Movement mobility animation.
Based on character movement speed animation blends between idle/walk/run animations and audio pitch is synced. All done with tweens. And AnimComposer (in JME 3.3) is used for playing the tween.

And this a video of how I created it behind the scene…

I am working on a tween animation editor, currently supports Animation and Audio tweens. Particle and dialogue,… tweens are in the plan to add.


Progress on the rope demo for DynamicAnimControl.


That looks great!

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