Feng GUI - Cursor

I’m not sure whether this is an issue that is specific to jme 2 + fengGUI, or fengGUI only…  but here it is.

After going through the tutorial on using FengGUI with jme (http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php?id=fenggui_jme_appl_using_standardgame), I was able to get things mostly working, except for the fact that the cursor disappears from the screen once I mouse over a FengGUI component (not the window, just the slider and the radio buttons).

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this issue or could suggest a place where I can find a solution.  I’m using JME from the Subversion Repository and Feng GUI from it’s subversion repository.

I never encountered such a problem.

Does it happen with the renderpass example as it is in the wiki, or did you modify stuff?

I followed the tutorial fairly closely…  I skipped a lot of the stuff from the BasicGameState class…  Just rendered a cube actually.  I was interested in playing around with FengGUI and copied/pasted much of the code to try it out.

its just important to use separate renderpasses for FengGUI and jme, or else, funny things can happen.

Does that mean that all other gamestates beside the FengGUI one should be added to one or more passes?

Currently I have multiple game states for hud, a login screen, the main game which already uses passes, a helper state that handles game exit requests and I plan to add another one for the absolute mouse.

From what I understood I have to add all non-FengGUI states to a pass manager - preferably in one pass, and the gui one to the same manager at the end, right? Consequently I should not use BasicGameState that calls draw() in the render function?

As long as FengGUI and the InGame Scenes are not drawn at the same time, ist possible to use only GameStates.

But as soon as FengGUI and jME stuff is rendered together, you will (possibly) run into issues.

(the Screenshot in the wiki entry shows one problem).

I didn't use FengGUI very much yet, only with small examples. And in my game i use only GameStates, no RenderPasses, because i use  FengGUI only for the Menu and not for the InGame HUD.

I guess is best to render everything in RenderPasses, but i am not very experienced and may be wrong :slight_smile:

In the Wiki entry i made Wrapper RenderPasses for the GameStates.

So you can do all things still in GameStates and either attach the  GameStates to a GameStateManager and render them as usual, or attach the Gamestates to the RenderPass wrapper and render them in a Pass.

I'd say use just GameStates until you run into a problem (like the cursor problem), then switch to a FengGUI RenderPass and see if it fixes the Problem.

The interesting thing though is that I was using render passes at the time.  The tutorial  l linked to demonstrates rendering it that way.  I personally found it a bit weird to put everything into different render passes, (including the main GameState), I followed the tutorial fairly closely.

Could it have anything to do with my platform?  I'm developing on a Mac…

Is there something I could have forgotten to do in the main GameState that would have fixed the problem?  Most FengGUI fixes I've seen involve using render passes, resetting textures, and other states.  But I was sure that the tutorial had done them all, and that I had copied them correctly.

I haven't spent much time looking into the problem lately.  I could try again soon.

It could have something to do with the Mac OS. Could you post your code so we could try it out on our various operating systems?

i think resetting the texture id to 1 is not yet done in the wiki, thats the only thing i can think of, which could cause problems.