FengGUI LWJGL problem

I'm trying to use FengGUI with JME but I keep getting this error:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/lwjgl/opengl/glu/GLU

        at org.fenggui.render.lwjgl.LWJGLOpenGL.setOrtho2D(Unknown Source)

        at org.fenggui.Display.display(Unknown Source)

        at com.sun.cac.client.LobbyGUIGameState.render(LobbyGUIGameState.java:151)

        at com.jmex.game.state.GameStateNode.render(GameStateNode.java:83)

        at com.jmex.game.StandardGame.render(StandardGame.java:399)

        at com.jmex.game.StandardGame.run(StandardGame.java:251)

        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)

I've read around the forum a bit, and it looks as though this has something to do with lwjgl2.0 or something. Is this the case? If so how do I go about fixing it?


The Radakan maven repository has a FengGUI build which is compatible with LWJGL2:


It requires you to change some of the LWJGL imports the FengGui uses. There is only about 5 of them to change, so its easy to do if you are working from the FengGui source.

That did the trick, thanks  :smiley:

just a quick question, I noticed that a couple of method arguments have changed but I couldn't find the javadoc that shows what the changes are for. Could you tell me what these arguments are?

disp.fireMouseDraggedEvent(newX, newY, getMouseButton(lastButton), 0);

the last int

disp.fireMouseWheel(x, y, true, 0, 0);

the boolean and the last 2 int's


I think you can find a working class in the wiki with these changes made. If not, I can help out this evening.