FengGUI Questions

With the example of FengGUI and Gamestates (http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php?id=fenggui_jme_appl_using_standardgame), two questions:

There is no properties setup. I don’t know how this is handled, could anyone assist me?

Also, how do I setup a render() and update() method for the IngameGameState?? stateUpdate() is nice but how do I get a render method version of it?

what do u mean by properties setup? it is a game state not a game.

IngameGameState extends CameraGameStateDefaultCamera which extends BasicGameState. BasicGameState has its own update and render methods.

I meant, when I run that example code (the FengGUI using standardgame), I don't get a properties setup window… how do I set that up? Normally, properties is a variable inherited by BaseGame (I believe…) but I can't access that variable anywhere.

Also, because IngameGameState extends CameraGamestateDefaultCamera which extends BasicGameState, shouldn't I be able to override update() and render()? Problem is, when I do super.update() or super.render() inside of the method, it says it doesn't exist…

Forgive me if i'm forgetting some very basic java concepts here…

You can display the SettingsDialog before starting StandardGame

        StandardGame game = new StandardGame("FengGUI Test");
        GameSettingsPanel.prompt(game.getSettings());   <<---

About the update and render methods:
CameraGameStateDefaultCamera goes the same way as SimpleGame, it provides its own stateUpdate() and stateRender() Methods which you can to overwrite with your own stuff.

public abstract class CameraGameStateDefaultCamera extends BasicGameState {
   public final void update(float tpf) {

The wiki entry could use some additional comments, feel free to add anything you stumble upon  :)

I'm adapting code over from an old project - what would be the equivalent of initSystem and initGame? The constructor of the StandardGame?

The basic things are done in StandardGames Constructor.

Setting up Lights/Controls and such (everything non-standard) should be done in the GameStates constructor.

CameraGameStateDefaultCamera for example already set up a ZBuffer for its root node.