Fenggui SetPosition on my label does not work, why?

I want to have label at the specified position, but it always is centernd. (The rest works fine though)

public class ItemInfo extends Container {
   private Label label;
   public ItemInfo(int amount,BaseShipPart item,int sizex,int sizey){
      int px = sizex/10;
      int py = sizey/10;
      //Create the label
      label = FengGUI.createWidget(Label.class);
      label.setText(item.GetType().toString() + ": " + item.GetItemName());
      label.setPosition(new Point(px,py));
      this.getAppearance().add(new PlainBorder(Color.WHITE_HALF_TRANSPARENT));

What is

int sizex,int sizey


At the creation I pass at wich size the ItemInfo should be.

Long time I didnt touch Fenggui but what if you try:


(maybe there is a default Layoutmanager that gives the undesired behavior ?)

Hm, you are right, there is some default LayoutManager, works now, thanks