Few questions from me for you SpiderMonkey Users!

Hey there! I’m going to make some changes in SpiderMonkey, hopefully I’ll get them done by today. It’s quite an important change, and as such I’d like some user feedback on this. I’m afraid a lot of problems came up with TCP sending and receiving, and as such I’ve decided to rewrite the TCP connection. You as a user won’t notice anything, all I ask is that once it’s done, please test it rigorously. More on this later.

Now, on the part where I need user feedback. A few questions:

  • Have you ever used the sendObject method in older versions of SpiderMonkey? (I’m thinking about getting rid of objectSent/objectReceived methods in MessageListener, maybe even without deprecation (since it wouldn’t break your code))
  • What do you think is more important; speed or message sizes? (For example; would it be okay if messages are on byte bigger, but would send faster? Or would you rather have smaller messages that send slower) Should this be configurable?

    Please reply in this thread with the answers to these questions, as per your point of view. It’s greatly appreciated!



I didn’t need the sendObject Method yet and I don’t think I’ll need it any time soon. So in my Opinion you can just delete them.

And to your second Question: it doesn’t really matter to me as long as I can send lots of messages fast and no message gets lost. :smiley:

So I wouldn’t mind if a Message is one byte bigger, but sends faster.


I just started using spidermonkey, so the first answer is no.

I agree with Creativ that the speed and reliable messages are the most important part of networking, but some people may dissagree so it should be configurable.

Thanks. The new system is near finished. Turns out I managed to do both. 2 bytes are saved for EACH message, so that’s great news. It’s quick as never before aswell. Will give you all an update when it’s in SVN