Field of view

Hiya, is there any way to increase the field of view? I tried playing the demo but it was very claustrophobic and was making my eyes spin.

Also, the framerate is locked at 60fps whether I choose vsync or not on a 120hz monitor. Is there any way to unlock the framerate?

Game looks great, really want to give it a try :smiley:

Your brain can only process about 40 images per second and your flatscreen can probably produce a (realistic, considering the led lights fading and the fact its probably not one that costs double the normal price) maximum of 80 frames per second… So 60fps should be more than enough :wink:

No, this isn’t true. People always pluck a number at random out of the ether. First time I’ve heard 40 :smiley:

I personally don’t notice any greater smoothness at a framerate above about 100-120fps, so I cap my framerate universally to 115fps via dxtory as anything higher than that is a waste and also to stay under my refresh rate of 120hz to reduce tearing.

It’s the fov that is the most important, I can’t play this game without feeling sick at the minute. I can live with 60fps :smiley:

Playing at 16:9 by the way. FOV looks bearable in the 4:3 screenshots so I’m guessing the game just isn’t taking the aspect ratio into consideration and adjusting itself accordingly.

My monitor is 120hz by the way, normen, it produces 120 frames per second

I’m only guessing… but most block world games tweak the fov to be wider than normal so that things seem farther away. It’s a trick to get over the fact that the horizon is pretty close.

For what it’s worth, re: frame rate, I agree with you. Faster is better and up to 120 hz or so it’s pretty easy to devise tests to prove it. For example, put two objects on screen and have one move at one pixel per frame and the other move at two pixels every other frame. Most people will tell you one is smoother than the other… up to above 100 hz. LCDs throw a wrench in the works since their pixels don’t always move quickly.

…and if that test doesn’t work then double the speed of movement. There is some level of movement per frame where the higher hz will matter.

All that being said, I don’t know if the 60 hz lock is a JME problem or a 3079 problem. Maybe he’s hard-coded it to 60 hz.

Yeah, the framerate cap may be part of the engine itself, though when launching the game it allows me to specify 120hz and it’s running at 120hz just still capped at 60fps, I even tried with vsync enabled and it was still 60.

100 degrees is my personal preference when it comes to field at view at 16:9.

I do have a 60 FPS limit – I do this primarily to cap CPU processing. My game does scale speeds according to frame rate, so it should support 120 FPS, but there might be some small, different behaviors when the game is being updated twice as fast (e.g. random events may happen more often). I’ll have to experiment with this before enabling it…

Oh, and about the FOV… I can put this on the to-do list, but I personally play at 16:9 on my laptop screen, and I don’t think it is that bad. It would have to be a fixed FOV in multiplayer, since I don’t want to give anyone an unfair advantage in view.

@clippa said:
I personally don’t notice any greater smoothness at a framerate above about 100-120fps

Thats probably because of the delay in the hardware (leds) I mentioned. I was talking about real-life movie research that has been done and the actual hardware limits here. The 40fps are not coming from me but from Thomas Edison ;) Actually its 46fps according to him.. though its true you can in some way perceive the difference depending on the actual circumstances. But also perceive them totally different due to things like motion blur etc.

Thanks for the reply, phr00t :smiley: If you have stuff that’s tethered to the 60fps limit then don’t break your back over that, like I say, it’s totally fine.

An fov slider would be great, I personally don’t think you get an unfair advantage by widening your fov in multiplayer, you have more spacial awareness but everything is smaller, further away and thus harder to shoot so it’s a trade off.

The only players at a disadvantage would be those who aren’t comfortable with the narrow fov. If you don’t want someone running around like they’re playing quake then just make the max fov on the slider 100 or 90 or something.

normen, framerate in games is totally different to movies, the hardware is different and you have to factor in things like interlacing and motion blur. The first crysis is a very good example of how you can get away with 30fps on a pc game if you get the blurring right and make it act more like a TV show.

Yeah, I will have a FOV adjustment. It has become quite the requested feature. It likely won’t be in this next release, though – probably the next, shouldn’t be too hard to implement.