FileDialogWindow (FengGUI)

Hi everyone,

i want to use the FileDialogWindow from FengGUi with jME2. The Dialog is displayed correctly but i can't open folders with my mouse. When i double-click on a folder nothing happens, but when i mark a folder and tip "ENTER" then the folder opens. At must be a problem with the jme-integration. When i run the FileDialogWindow example from the fenggui svn project the dialog works fine. I think the problem is that the doubleclick isn't handled correctly by the FengJMEInputHandler. Has anyone a suggestion to solve this problem ?

Also i think the fenggui-jme integration is sometimes a bit buggy xD When i hover with my mouse over widgets sometimes the cursor changes its position… Is there maybe a trick so solve such "integration bugs" ?

PS: I use the latest fenggui version from svn…



ok i find the bug… The problem is the file called "FengJMEInputHandler" which i found here:

In this file the method disp.fireMouseDoubleClickEvent(x, y, getMouseButton(button), 1); is not handled, so actions which need a doubleclick to be fired could not be used… I've repaired this part myself but i think this file is still not perfect… But i still don't know why my cursor behaves strange sometimes…


I suggest you post your changes in the Contribution Depot, cause this will probably help others in the future. Also I don't see a reason why anyone woundn't want the Doubleclicks to be handled.

It doesn't really belong to the contribution depot, since FengJMEInputHandler is not part of jME, so it doesn't need to be patched.

I think its enough if the wiki entry is updated with the new version.

Soory my mistake, meant that ^^