Filter Post Processor

Hi guys,

I’ve just started looking at jMonkeyEngine - particularly regarding developing a game for the OUYA.

Is there any way to get the Filter Post Processor working on Android?
I only want it for the Toon Edge Filter, so if there’s an alternative that’d give me a similar effect, I’d be happy to investigate other options.

As it stands, the CartoonEdgeFilter looks great on pc, but it just crashes on android with the following error:
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: The image format ‘Depth24’ is unsupported by the video hardware.

mhhh yeah… i should use DEPTH alone, it would select the appropriate depth precision. The problem is that with some drivers DEPTH alone select the lower Depth precision available and that is not enough( i’m looking at you ati!!!).

if you feel like debugging it the problem probaby stands here
replace Depth24 by Depth.

Also maybe you should consider using the shaderblow lighting material, it has a built in edge detection that is not a post process.
Post process on android are slow when they work, and I guess that the ouya is not particularly better at it considering the hardware.