Final tasks for making jME 2.0 stable

Okay all, its been a little bit of work.  But I think we are getting close.  I know there are these remaining issues:

  • Fix JNLP for TerrainTest (does this just require the 2.0 jars?)

  • Create the snapshot jars and post them on GoogleCode under downloads

  • Put together a change log for jME 2.0 (anyone have any 'auto' tools to help here?)

Anything else?

hmm, I guess thats a no…

What about the new LWJGL jars?  Do we want to make 2.0 stable and then release the Jars for 2.1?  Or just get them in now.

Also, with all the recent changes do we want to allow any time for the 'waves to settle'?

i would suggest to update lwjgl jars now, since right now jme2 still uses the 'rc' version.

Core-Dump said:

i would suggest to update lwjgl jars now, since right now jme2 still uses the 'rc' version.

I concur.

basixs said:

Also, with all the recent changes do we want to allow any time for the 'waves to settle'?

I don't think any major changes have been made recently that need time to settle.

Sorry for the delay, SVN issues here.

Committed new LWJGL jars and am currently committing the copyright patch.

Right on, thanks.

So I think now would be a good time to tag the repository, and then begin discussions on some of the big changes people would like to see.

I think your right :slight_smile:

(Momoko_Fan will be thrilled :D)

So are we planning on branching the current, and having the SVN trunk be the newest work in progress; or vice versa?

Also, the terrain test was never fixed on the jMonkeyEngine homepage (I believe the jars just have to be updated); I don't think either nymon or myself have rights to do that…

Tag it for sure. I think a good strategy would be to keep the trunk as the working copy, and branch for any 2.0 updates. What do you guys think?

Also, I think we just need to send the updated jars to mojomonk, so he can replace the demos when he gets the time.

I think that would be best :slight_smile:

Sent email to mojo with newest Jars, lib and natives…

Good work…

Branched to "branches/dev"

Didn't we say that trunk would be for development? So shouldn't the branch be creates as /branches/2.0.x ? this also seems to be normal SVN practice on other projects (with the actual "x" in the branch name).

Yes, the trunk should be for moving forward and the branch for fixes to the past release. We need to make sure its named appropriately to prevent confusion. And I agree with the literal '/branches/2.0.x' name. Basixs would you rename the branch?


Cool, thanks.

Stable versions go to branches/<version> and development is in trunk. That's common.

But i have a little hint/idea/advice :wink:

At work, we don't put branches under the branches directory, because merging its easier. The layout would be:





This way you dont always have to enter "branches/<version>", but only have tor replace "trunk"  with "<version" or "<version>" with "trunk" when you merge some bugfix from stable up to trunk.

While i'm typing this, i have the impression, that i have already typed something like this elsewhere…

Offtopic disclaimer follows

First of all I think some apologies are in turn… I have been very silent for the last number of months, but I am trying to catch up with what is going on around here. I see a lot of new activity from Baxis and Nymon (Congratulations on your promotions!  XD ) and I am very touched that my name was brought up here and there in the process of deciding who should comprise the next generation.

Unfortunately I must say that, although I have jME always in my mind  :’( , I am currently finishing my Ph. D. and I really have very little time to do anything not work related… I really would love to help with whatever I can, but at the moment that might be simply answering to posts in the forum and things like those.

Back on topic

IMHO a release of jME 2.0 is long overdue. It is not a matter of having enough progress as much as having some clear stability, and ease of downloading without having to use svn or anything more complicated for newcomers. I have the firm impression that not having an official 2.0 has driven people away from jME under the false impression that things are simply not happening here. Finally, I think there are enough interesting examples of nice technologies that have been (multi-head/stereographic display, SSAO shaders, md5, etc.) developed by people in the community and that we could add to the core with some nice tests in the jmetest packages. I think the new features need to be stressed by a new set of tests and demos for people to have a nice feel of the new features.

I am impatient to hear what you people think.

(Congratulations on your promotions!  cheesy )


Alot of the features you mentioned are actually just user contributions and not part of jME itself, however there are some that desperately need tests (such as the new blender XML loader).  But you bring up a good point, I know momoko_fan did some work comprising a 'list' of all the 'extras' available; maybe we should take that to the next level (Im thinking designated wiki/web page...).

Now that it has been up for 2.5 weeks what does everyone think of the download jars?
(must be doing something right since there is almost 4000 downloads! ;))