Finding asset packs

I’ve recently started going through the beginner tutorials and have gotten to the Hello Assets tutorial. I have found the mentioned library for the tutorial assets, but I’ve also searched for other asset packs. There exists a asset pack browser which I found, but the “online assetpacks” button does nothing. I tried to google it, and found this link: where it seems that you should be able to download asset packs? However, the link seems to be broken.

Where can I find these asset packs that’s supposed to show in the asset pack browser?

On JME, press Window → AssetPack browser-> online assetpack

I have tried that several times but nothing happens. It goes from the “view library” view with an “Assets” entry to a completely blank view.


the assetpack browser is currently down, and even if it was up. There are only 3-4 asset packs. Only one has any usefulness and that is the worldforge asset pack.

If you’d like I could upload it to my dropbox and you can download and use it.

The other assetpacks, tend to have 3-4 unanimated models.

@BigBob I’d be very interested in the Worldforge asset pack. It would be very nice of you if you could upload it for me :slight_smile:


Here is the link to the assetpack

If you put that in your assetpack folder you shuold be able to see the models in the assetpack browser