Fire an effect multiple times


Hello guys, I’d like to know how to dynamically instanciate a controlDefinition and add it to a layer from the java code.

and the controlDefinition is created in the XML code.

so I an display many instances of the control!


How are you setting up the effect? Have you given it a duration?

Post your code/xml for the effect and how you start it.

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Howdy zarch, I defined my own control with COntrol definition,

when I call it inside my layer everything is fine,
but what I would like to know is how to make it so I can display this control multiple times, like a 100 times, without creatin 100 control tags.

my control is a simple chat bubble , and since I can have many people chatting at the same time, I don’t want to limit the number of chat bubbles in the XML, , I want to instanciate my control definition as much as I want :confused:

Use the java Builders (described in the manual) to create as many as you like and add them to the screen… then keep track of the added element so you can remove it again when you need the bubble to disappear.

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thx zarch i’ll investigate the controlBuilders