First filter trial


I have simplified the sound system a little and added the filter layer.

But and this is a big BUT,

The EAX part of LWJGL have been disabled.

I think that it will be enabled with the next release of LWJGL.

There are some parts of the code commented, that is because the methods used from LWJGL are not released yet (see LWJGL cvs files if you want).

I hope the EAX will be enabled soon and we will have fun. The code is starting to be stabilized now, so can (if you are interested by my implementation) start to build your tests or demos with sound :smiley: .

Please notify me with your coding or performance suggestions.


Just one precision:

I did not invent anything, I have just tried to wrap LWJGL openal part into JME.

The congratulations goes to the LWJGL team.

Great! I’ll take a look at it sometime this weekend. I do remember Matzon from LWJGL posting something regarding EAX. I think he was doing some big changes, maybe that is what you are seeing with it disabled right now.

Thanks, Arman. I’ll take a look at let you know what my initial thoughts are.

Ok, just updated from CVS and I’m getting 87 errors. I reupdated to make sure that I got all the changes, and still have the same amount. Here are the following errors:

BUFFERING not resolved.

IPlayer cannot be resolved.

LOOPING not resolved.

PAUSED not resolved.

player not resolved.

PLAYING not resolved.

STOPPED not resolved.

constructor for most sound actions.

getRenderer from SoundSystem not resolved.

All fixed, thanks.