First impressions and a problem


I’m going to make a game using lwjgl and jbullet, so I thought jMonkeyEngine was exactly what I needed.

When running any web start test I get this error:

[java]java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: GLSL and OpenGL2 is required for the LWJGL renderer![/java]

Okay, yeah, I can’t get GLSL to work with my card! … … … but why would I need it? O.o

All lwjgl and jbullet demos work fine!

When using Java I expect good compatibility with old computers, it’s the main reason I’m using java.

This problem is killing me :<

And this forum design is really… uncomfortable… and not user friendly :open_mouth:

Maybe something more simple or something we got used to?

My graphic card is Radeon X600. I’m using Lubuntu 10.10 .

Any way to get it working? If not, any other way to go? Like another game engine for java?

Well first of all your perception of jME3 as a low profile game engine because it runs on java is completely wrong, its a state of the art OpenGL gaming system which implies the use of shaders to achieve the effects seen in games nowadays. If you want low profile support use either jME2 or swing.

Said that, X600 should support opengl 2.1 and GLSL (at least according to wikipedia).

Maybe you need to update your graphic drivers?

To restate what normen said, jme3 is wrong choice if you are looking for pre-GLSL compatible engine. Jme2 or java3d should work for fixed-pipeline stuff quite well. For even lower common denominator, you can try out jreality - it is has a software renderer if needed, but still is good enough for basic usage.

Hurray! Bad news… :frowning:

What is swing?

Yeah, X600 supports it, but there’s no driver for it in linux :< There’s some driver on ati site, but I can’t install it because of the new xorg version :smiley:

Another project here , but it seems to be very dead.

and another one here , which seems to be a good choice for me, but I cannot run the demos on their site… may be the same problem there :<

and one more here

I hope at least something is going to suit me :open_mouth: My best hope is Jme2 :slight_smile:

P.S whoops, deleted my post accidentally.

At first i have to say, jme3 is the best java 3D engine for future development. Forget about java3d cause it’s not developed and supported since 2005 and does not have many features you need for a real game project.

Swing is the standard java gui framework and is not designed for 3D but for simple GUI development.

I would try to get the latest drivers of the graphic card deployed instead of searching for other frameworks, cause you will get the same problems there( if you want a game which anybody want’s to play).

Keep in mind, that your development will take a lot of time and when it is ready to be played the technologies will be more advanced than now.

Perhaps this post will be a help

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