First person tutorial

Hi jME forum,

I am trying to make a  first person shooter game. I need some help.

I know Java and have basic programming skills. Also I have experimented with jMonkeyEngine and create basic

programs using SimpleGame. I read through the beginner's tutorial a little and the flagrush tutorial.

What I need is a first person shooter tutorial or just some help on what I should do to get started. Thanks for your help!

I suggest to go step by step.

Try to load a scene and put a model on it. Try to make your camera and model move as in a first person shooter.

Yeah, the incremental approach is a great idea. Although it is good to have a high level design of what you want to build, and then start refining as you work your way into the implementation. This also involves brainstorming and breaking down the ideas involved in what a FPS game is comprised of. e.g you have some sort of character movement, collision, a weapon system, projectile collision, health/attributes. Also a good idea is to try to design and organize these modules to not be as coupled to your FPS game, so you can re-use them for future projects.

Also, prototype! Create small test programs and just play around with the engine and see what you can create - independent of your game, and then incorporate them into your project. Think small, aspire large :wink:

OK, I think I'll try that…

But I might need some sample code to know what the code would look like and possibly give me some ideas.

Do you know where I could look at the code for a sample FPS? I think that would help me get started. Thanks!

Have a look at the incredibly large set of testdemo's in JME's repository. Let your imagination go wild!  XD

There was actually a sample FPS game posted really long ago (pre jME 0.11). Try searching the forum.

I remember that, it was called "Wolkenstein"

Yeah, I saw it.