(fixed)Framerate defaults to 100… On everything

Hey… I have no idea what happened. I was just working on my project, and then I opened up a test program (jmetest) and then wen back to my project and now everything runs at 100 fps. Everything, cross-project. I even created a new project and ran it (the little blue square) and even THAT was running at 100 fps. I restarted my computer, I updated my graphics drivers… I just have no idea what happened. Any ideas? Thanks.

what does VSync run at?

crt with 100hz display and foreced vsynch ? (for example form graficdriver)

Yeah there is an issue with the preference saving that seems to be shared no matter what jme3 app you run.

you must have run a test case that force framerate to 100 and that has been saved to your preference.

What you can do is create your own appSetting in your app and set it to default new AppSetting(true);

set the setDisplaySettingDialog to true and run once, chose your preferred resolution and launch once. then you can remove the app settings code it should work fine.

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That worked! (and was the problem) Thanks guys! Yeah, I ran TestCameraNode and it happened to have that code in it >.< But now it’s fixed! Thank you so much!