Flatdesigner furniture models

Hello everyone,

I’d like to ask you to help me with my prob. I need many furniture models for my app. for free for sure and maybe I gona be silly but converted in Ogre3Dxml maybe. There is no time to open all models in blender, gruop parts, add textures and so. It is needed for my school project, and gona be really angry to develop this. kind of soft. Thanks for your answers guys! I wana wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR and successes by developing with monkey!

There are models in world forge asset pack. Boats and gallows and stuff. There’s a wooden table. Not sure about chairs, but you can just use the boat model i guess, just say its a chair. The teacher will understand.

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someone posted a house designer, which has a lot of furniture you could export, not sure where it is

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thank you guys, teacher wana see chair, no boats :smiley: wezrule can you try to find it for me? I ll be very thankful!!! rly!

@wezrule said:
someone posted a house designer, which has a lot of furniture you could export, not sure where it is

You're probably thinking of Sweet Home 3D, which Normen and I have both played with. Its quite intuitive, open source, and written in Java :)

Also, the WorldForge assets definitely includes a wooden chair.. I was just looking at it this morning!

yeh that was it :slight_smile:

hah yep I saw sweet home :stuck_out_tongue: its great! so I gona to start with WorldForge… wthell is that… thanks for your support! I am open for more ideas if you have any. Thank you once more!

one more question… I already know what exactly WorldForge is and I think that’s really interesting and I wish I could spend my time this way too and help but… I need to know how can I use this assetpack in jme… I have found : http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/groups/jmonkeyplatform/forum/topic/worldforge-model-assetpack-available-now/ … but: I cant open AssetPackBrowser if I am lookin for it correctly (Window/AssetPackBrowser), there is an error message in the console: Cannot find AssetPackBrowserTopComponent component. It will not be located properly in the window system. From one hole to bigger hole… yep I love it! How can I add these assets? Is there any ways? What to do? thank you

Did you install the sdk beta normally? Or did you somehow install the plugins into your NetBeans? Never heard of this issue on any OS, would be nice if you could give a bit more info (OS, error log etc)

yeah another rare error on my side… SDK was installed normally without any problems, windows 7 64 bit… if I try to open AssetPackBrowser, warning window is showed: warning! error in the scene. java.lang.nullpointerexception. my log found in: userAppDataRoaming.jmonkeyplatform3.0betavarlogmessages.log


thank you