Fmod trouble

he there,

i ran into some trouble with the test for fmod. when i runTestSoundGraph (current cvs) , i get the following error which is kinda strange, since lwjgl 1.0 isn't even released yet.

java.lang.LinkageError: Version mismatch: jar version is '1.0beta', native libary version is '1.0'
   at org.lwjgl.fmod3.FMOD.initialize(
   at org.lwjgl.fmod3.FMOD.<clinit>(
   at com.jmex.sound.fmod.SoundSystem.<clinit>(
   at jmetest.sound.fsound.TestSoundGraph.simpleInitGame(
   at jmetest.sound.fsound.TestSoundGraph.main(

i checked my system for other installed versions of lwjgl, but 'find /|grep lwjgl' only shows one other occurence in my bang! howdy folder and that is definitely not in my path. for testing purposes i replaced the that comes from cvs with the 0.99 version i downloaded from the error stays the same, except, that the the native library is now reported as 0.99. so the vm is actually looking in the right place. i also ran diff on the cvs-version and the official beta1 and they are the same, so this might be a lwjgl issue and not a jme specific.

The stacktrace you posted seems to complain about the FMOD version not lwjgl. Did you try keeping the lwjgl lib and replace the fmod jar and natives?

yep, i replaced & lwjgl_fmod.jar with the ones that come with 1.0beta. same output and the files are identical to the ones from cvs, says diff, and diff knows. ;)  i interpreted the trace as a version-mismatch between lwjgl_fmod.jar (1.0beta) & (1.0), both part of lwjgl. the fmod version seems to be unimportant since the output is the same, whether is present or not.

thanks for looking into it.