Fog in JME3

Hey guys,

Loving Jme3 :slight_smile:

Right now, Jme3 is using a temporary fog system (FogFilter) and it has some big issues with transparency. Has the SVN version gotten a better fog system yet? If so, I’ll switch to that one :slight_smile:

I apologize in advance if this gets asked too much, but any timetable on Jme3 beta?


Yes, fog is in the svn version, its in Alpha-4 too. Beta will come out some time this summer / beginning of autumn, maybe sooner, maybe later.

Edit: Ah, but there is no other fog implementation, might be the transparency issues have been solved tho, I don’t know about that exactly.

The transparency issues probably won’t be solved until shader injection is added.

The issue with the current fog implementation is that its in screenspace and depends on the scene’s depth

Is anyone currently working on shader injection? Is there any fog transparency workaround available in the meantime?

I just added a first person weapon to my game which uses transparency… everything viewed passed the gun has no fog :frowning: I may just disable fog until the real fog system is in place…

Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

you can try to put the weapon in the translucent bucket and add a translucentBucketFilter at the end of the filter stack