Formula to shoot particle effects?

Does anyone know a good way to shoot a particle effect from a character using his vector?

I'm trying to have my player cast a spell and shoot a particle effect directly out in front of him.  I'm not

sure how to do this with only his vector.  Also i cannot use the enemy's coordinates.

So whatever direction he's pointing, it should shoot directly out from him.

I know how to create them, so if you can help, you don't have to go over the entire basics of the particle effects, just the math.

any help is great!!


I might be not understanding the problem, but:

Wouldn't you create a node whose position you update, like an invisible projectile with particle effects, so you just see the particle effects?  Make sure the particle effect trail (like for a fireball) points behind the node, so you get the right effect.  You could get the character's local rotation, grab the vector of the rotation column for the proper axis and you'd be good?  Or however you would grab the Vector the character's pointing.

character.getLocalRotation().getRotationColumn(1, fireDirection);

I believe 1 is the correct integer, for the Y rotation column.  Then you start moving the node in that direction.

I'm sure someone who actually knows what they're talking about could help better, but I figured I'd take a stab at it.