Forum nav bar link opens in new tab

The forum link in the nav bar is opening a new tab every time the link is clicked, rather than opening the page in the current window.

Is this just me? Can this be changed in forum settings somehow?

Edit: I don’t have the open external links in new tab selected in settings either. Not that that should matter.

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I did that this morning because it became really annoying when viewing source. It’s kinda default behaviour to open external links in a new tab. I can change it back if it’s a pain. The top links don’t adhere to the forum behaviour rules because they are custom.

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I can use top bar and back button. Wanted to make sure something wasn’t going fubar on me.

(shrug) I always just middle click them. But I also can’t think of a case where I’d want them to replace the post I’m reading. So I’m not complaining, either.

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I use the forum link to navigate back to main forum page, just a habit. When it opens in new tab, it messes up the tab order by placing the forum last in the tab order and leaves hanging thread tabs open. This is because the default for drilling down into a forum thread is open in current window.

Standard procedure is open in current window on all forums I have ever been a member of though.

Ah, it doesn’t come up for me because I always open posts in a new window… so the tabs for that will all be related to that post. I answer a lot of posts, though. My workflow is probably not typical. :slight_smile:

I like jayfella’s reasoning, that does make it much more useful for viewing source, docs, etc.

Never even noticed or used the top left links before. Now I might actually use it. :smile: Top bar links stay in tab, so everyone should be happy once habit sets in.

Maybe i can make it work with the user personal prefs. Best of both worlds. Ill take a peek. And also sorry for the dev in stable. tut tut me.

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IMO overkill making it a pref, I don’t think anyone is complaining. :smiley:

I’m trying to make the menu a little bit more graceful than it is on mobile, but the darn editor on discourse seems to be trippy. The cursor isnt where it reports it is. It hurts my head. If anyone else can throw this code in the CSS I’d be a happy person.

#top-navbar {
    overflow: hidden;
    white-space: nowrap;
    text-overflow: ellipsis;