Forum Styling Issues on Mobile

So, I assume that at least some of us browse the forums on thier phone.
I have noticed several styling issues on mobile and was wondering if others have experienced these.

First, the top nav bar is not quite right

Second the post number indicator likes to cover up the text of the last post as you scroll

Just some things I noticed.



Probably related to the christmas theme changes I made. They’ll be gone before the start of the new year.


@jayfella I love the Christmas theme BTW!
These styling issues where there before the Christmas theme was applied.

Yes, it predates that, I’ve seen the same issues. Never even registered to me I guess, I’m so used to these mobile toys having issues, they suck by default. :sweat_smile:

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The post indicator thing is how it is as built in the discourse software… The developer team is aware of it, but every attempt to ameliorate it has either made things worse, it much harder to maintain.

What about the headers bothers you? Looks right to me…

The header bar covers up the nav links.

It is unfortunate that discourse does not have a fix for the post indicator.

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I believe the new version of discourse has the post indicator fixed. Thier forum does not have the issue.

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Ill update it tomorrow, then.


The forum has been upgraded. The progress bar thing seems to have moved lower for mobile screens. So that’s fixed. I really don’t want to get knee deep in fixing the menu over xmas, but will do so as soon as the new year comes about.


Sounds good, thank you. No rush, enjoy your Christmas!