Forum suggestion

I don’t see a signature option.

Add a signature to the forum settings so people can add their operating system details, external apps and versions, java version, and JME version. This is what other help forums use the signatures for. That way, before even replying people know all the basics.

Once add, update the welcome message to let people know they need to fill it in.

Typically, if its not filled in, other users let them know its good forum etiquette and will encourage them to do so before answering.

Intel core i3, 16mb ram, onboard graphics, java 8.101, blender 2.78, gimp 2.8, jme sdk 3.1 stable

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That would take a little bit of doing, as the team that develops the discourse forum software is extremely anti-signature. They believe that the same stuff, repeated ad-nauseum at the bottom of posts, is overly noisy and a waste of screen space.

You can add this information to the “About Me” section of your preferences page. It will then show up on your User Card, the little popup that comes up when you click on your forum avatar. This is exactly the sort of thing the user card was designed for.

(For example, my user-card identifies me as a proto-monkey. :wink: )

That works to.


I hadn’t really thought much about it until now, but I kind of agree with them.

The “about me” pop-up has always been a nice compromise. I’ve even ordered mine so my patreon link shows up early enough to be obvious without clicking through. :slight_smile: