Forum Theme Selection in User Preferences

It appears that the preferences option to set forum themes has gone missing!  I was using the classic blue and grey layout but now everything has reverted to the ugly halloween colors.  If this setting migrated to some other part of the user config, please let me know (I have not been able to find it yet if it has).  If not, please bring back the feature to allow users to set their own forum themes.  

should be available again, give it a go :smiley:

The option appears to be back, however you can only pick from two themes that appear to be exactly the same – the halloween one you are no doubt looking at now.

Try again?

Who is in charge of the jME website now?  sbook?

Please look into why the option I'm talking about here and/or themes got wiped out, and return them.

(I'd hate to start losing faith in the "new management" :slight_smile:

Yep.  It finally works again.  Thanks!

sorry, never saw your replies as it wasn’t in the site and project forum :confused:  i’ll have a look into this today…  I remember when I fixed this, I tested it and was able to use the blue and grey…

EDIT:  just tried this again… this is what it looks like using “SMF Default Theme”

OOPS!  I just saw the problem…  there's a separate option to allow users to select the default theme… it should work for all now