Forum upgraded to Discourse v1.4

I’ve just upgraded our version of Discourse to v1.4

This version includes a lot of improvements to dark themes, so we might have some overlapping fixes in our current CSS that needs to be weeded out.

Please let us know if you notice any weirdness.


So that’s why I see this:

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also I cant see the profile picture

But I can see profile images, strange. :neutral_face:

I’m not seeing any of these myself. Could you try to clear your cache please?


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The top menu position is off, I’ll look into it.

should be fixed now

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I can see profile pictures now, it fixed by it self

I’ve noticed something a little odd, not sure if it began at the upgrade or not.

Sometimes, I’ll contribute to a discussion, then use the back button to get back to the topic list. The entry for the topic will (correctly) display my letter-tar as the most recent contributor. A few minutes later, the list will pick up the “There is new activity” notification, but when I refresh, the new activity is my reply.

And I managed to capture this! (on this very thread)

Then the alert:

After clicking:

The “new activity” on this forum is pretty stupid. It only looks at the link clicked or something. It’s wrong like 80% of the time for me.