FPS basic framework


I have been developing a basic FPS framework to learn the art of Jmonkey and network programming. I am coming to the point where the basics work. I doubt the code is the best in the world, but if other people are interested in helping to take this further then I am considering setting it up as an open source project on google code.

What I have so far is:

TCP connection using spider monkey - needs to be changed to use UDP

JBullet physics

Authorative server with Client side prediction

Interpolation on the client side for smooth updates.

I am unsure whether what I have is scalable etc but if anyone is interested in moving it forward then I am happy to expose it!



Sounds like your ambitions could very well align with this ‘Simple FPS game’ by @kidneytrader as well as maybe @Post 's ‘Moddable Multiplayer FPS’ if it’s still active.

You should send a PM their way :wink:

Sounds great, congratulations on completing the basic framework!

What are your intentions to do with it, now thats finished? Do you want to improve it, so that it becomes a framework anybody can use to create their multiplayer FPS or are you going to adapt it to make a game of your own?

Currently I’m trying to setup a FPS game too. For now I’ve got an authorative server and clients can connect to it on TCP/UDP.

I’m looking into extrapolation-prediction and interpolation-smoothing.

If you could share here same informations about your desing, maybe I can tell you if I could help you… and for sure, these info can be useful for all of us, and also for my project!


HiI wouldnt say the basic framework was finished, just the basics of the framework! :smiley: I had some pretty simple aims when I started; simply to learn the basics of network gaming. The problem i have is time, and the lack of it. I can really only devote lunch hours to the project, and even then only sparingly. I am sure people will have better ways of doing things, so would be good to get more input etc. I have an idea for a fps, but it may be too grand to realise at this stage of my life. If i get to retire early maybe then! Sooo, what I will do is get the code to a reasonable state and then get it hosted on google. Hopefully people will use and improve it and maybe it will even gather a small amount of steam.

Once I have got it hosted I will post here along with the major issues so far!


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I have put an announcement up about this