FPS Camera loading 3d Model Ziplocator

I have done a simpe FPS Camera but i loaded a city.zip model with Ziplocator but when i run the game it throws me the error “Uncaught exception thrown in Thread [jme3 Main, 5, main]
AssetNotFoundException: main.scene” so i guess my city.zip inside only has some images and The City.obj and The City.mtl Is this the problem? Thanks

Edit.- Does my city.zip needs to be in the root of jMonkeyEngine SDK or in the source files? :confused:


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pspeed thanks, i have seen that, you are trying to tall me i cant load the model in a zip? i need to do it with the obj or mtl file? ok sorry i am very newbie. :anguished:

Please read this wiki page


file “main.scene” does not exist in the zip file.

Now i understood, it depends on the way you create or buy the assets, thats why there are so many ways to
do it, thank you very much to all, java rocks, and also jMonkeyEngine, and you have the choice of choosing your favorite ide also !!!