FPS in game

Why when i don’t render any thing i got only 100 FPS? I saw some ppl on screens got over 1000 FPS or smth. Is something reserved for engine?

in AppSettings you can set the framerate limit. It normally makes sense to have it capped at some number, or else your computer will go all out trying to render your game at the best possible FPS, even though your scene make just be a couple objects that arent even animated.

If youre not capping your application in AppSettings then its likely your computer is just limited to that frame rate. On my laptop I have a hard time breaking 60 fps with the simplest of scenes.

Any chance you are using a hybrid graficcard? Or forgot to install drivers?

I got GTX 650 with 2GB GRAM and on 1280x1024 fullscreen 16x antyaliasing, 16x anisotrophy, 32 bpp with map 1024x1024 few tree models and few buildings model from Sketchup i got max 30 fps;/
Here’s a screen of scene(part with models, all rest is just empty painted terrain): http://scr.hu/1trj/exfnj

@Skatty said: 16x antyaliasing, 16x anisotrophy

Well no wonder XD

What? That card run BF3 on ultra but cant handle few objects in JME ? ;/

@Skatty said: What? That card run BF3 on ultra but cant handle few objects in JME ? ;/

I can’t handle your objects, maybe read up on how to optimize rendering, our wiki has a lot of information. Whats the poly count? Whats the object count? Also 16x oversampling is completely overblown, you don’t even get that in “ultra” settings in any game… Its just OpenGL so if it doesn’t perform like BF3 then its your design and coding skills that lack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: At this kind of distance no game ever renders the full-poly models.

Also you have the water filter…It does drain its share of fps.
Scenes in BF3 are probably optimized beyond compare.

do you mean, it always says 100? (when rendering the bare minimum). If so it may be cached from a previous appSettings.setFrameRate() call. I remember this being an issue some time ago. Try set it yourself and to a higher frame rate and see what happens