FPS with LWJGL 0.96

With the previous version my sample game was running at 120 fps but nowi have a boost to 500 fps. Is this OK or is it a bug with the timer?

Timers have changed in the last lwjgl release, so I don’t know if renanse considered it…


I have, but the lwjgl timer change basically caps timing to 1ms which near as I can tell only means we are unable to currently calculate fps above 1,000 fps. Fell free to tell me I’m wrong. We’re on an interim build after all. :slight_smile:

Ok so the FPS boost does not come fro mthe lwjgl timer…

Maybe kman has updated it’s drivers ? Or was it exactly the same computer ?

exactly the same computer with nvidia geforce 440mx. When i tried the same app in another computer with ATI Radeon 9550 the difference was not that big

Are you using pBuffers at all (Imposters, Render to texture, etc.)?

If so, a few changes I recently made to LWJGLTextureRenderer, coupled with changes made by lwjgl themselves could be accounting for the FPS boost.