Framebuffer has erronous attachment exception

I’m trying to make a blur overlay when the game is paused, for what I’m using the JME Gaussian Blur fragment shaders (GLSL100). It works fine on the PC (see below), but on the Android I get a ‘Framebuffer has erronous attachment’ exception. Since this exception is thrown indirectly, there isn’t any useful stack trace to help me with debugging. How can I get some useful debugging info about this problem?

It is your depth buffer you should forcefully not use one

I have set requiresDepthTexture() to return false and I’ve disabled DepthWrite & DepthTest to Off in the material file, and I’m still getting the same error. What am I doing wrong?

In 3.0, framebuffer support on Android was abysmal.
The situation is much better in 3.1 because now both desktop and Android use the same rendering backend.