Free Code to two JME3 Projects

Hello Everyone. A couple of years ago I developed the Open Source game Street Rally 3D and published the code without the game assets. But this time the entire code available on github. The complete links are below:

Driving Test 3D
Street Rally 3D

Very Nice . thanks

You’re Welcome

Cool. I see you’re using Nifty and I’m interested in those transitions you made for menus. Is that integrated somewhere or did you have add them yourself? I never saw any other option other than goto screen, but then again I wasn’t really looking and the manual is lacking.

There are some options for screen transitions in nifty like fly in and fly out. Can’t remember it’s been quite some time since I used them.

Yeah the transition, I used a move and a fade effect on the screeb itself you can find more nifty examples here About · nifty-gui/nifty-gui Wiki · GitHub, the code is with the project. Drats Street Rally 3D isn’t an entire project. Here’s a trick you can download the full game from IndieDB, look for the asset.jar, unzip it with winrar then try and link the assets with the code for now. I’ll try and do it but for now that’s how it’s going to be.

As for the manual, I’ll definately be putting it in the site soon.