Free FishEye CVS browser hosting for projects

I've always hated the CVS browser (it's slow as hell).

There's a better way to browse your source code repository (CVS/SVN), and that's FishEye (

Apparently they offer free FishEye hosting for projects (which jME is!).

The only thing is we need the project admin (MojoMonkey?) to contact them:

Cenqua becomes Partner

20 June 2006.

Cenqua has been made a gold partner for providing free FishEye hosting for projects. Got a project?

Contact us ( ) to get FishEye setup.

Seriously it's just a better way to look at the code repository and view the history etc. especially when your not on your development machine and are so bored that you want to dig through the source code repository for fun!

Check out an example of it for the matheclipse project:

why do you prefer it compared to other cvs viewer (e.g. cvsweb, cvsview)? Doesn't look that different to me (even missing some features).

No real reason, other than I stumbled across it and it looked better than the web interface has by default for the CVS:

The front page  for the FishEye projects showed a changelog view of the most recent checkins which is always interesting to see where recent development is taking place.

Are there already other CVS browsers setup for jME like CVSWeb (I haven’t really checked it out to much)?

I mainly thought it’d be nice to have to take a quick glance at jME while I’m on a computer without CVS or behind a firewall disallowing external CVS access.

I’ve really only used CVS to pull things from open source projects so I’m not to versed in it (we use clearcase at work and have absolutely no repository browsing or metrics)

imho that php script was the best for viewing the cvs source. the only problem was it didn’t provide any mean to really browse trough the sources. and no diffs. but it still was very nice and simple. most of the time one doesn’t need more than viewing the head and jumping from a class to another.

such a pity it wasn’t developed anymore