Free Horror & Mystical Scoring For Your Development

Soughtafter Sounds has had a makeover and re-brand, and has now become Varazuvi™.

We still have our “Free Commercial License” whereby all tracks & sound effects are available for use in your developments free of charge, with new tracks continually being added.

If you are in the process of using tracks from Soughtafter Sounds, but have not yet made any final cuts/builds we would appreciate any references to “Soughtafter Sounds” and “” to be replaced with “Varazuvi™” and “”. This may apply to web sites and game credits.

If on the other hand you have already finished areas of the project which display these notices, then there’s no need to worry as these can remain as they are.
You will still be able to access through as you’ll be redirected.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each of our users and customers that have chosen to use our music & sound effects in their work.
Your continued support is most appreciated, and the best of luck with your future productions.

Now, what’s new?

Well aside from the new name, trademarks & logo’s, two new tracks have been added to the “Free Commercial License” to kick start the new path ahead.

Mystical/enchanted score.


Horror soundscape.



Mystic Land -

Not Alone -

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Lovely work, thanks for sharing!