Free Of Rights Music


I’m UNREΛL, I make free of rights music, take a listen on my soundcloud. I propose a variety of songs on many selling platforms for people to use it on their project, just check out my website for all the links or if you want to contact me. If you like my work, you can also get my songs on bandcamp and support me on patreon.

Enjoy !



Wow, really nice! You have got some talent :+1:

Thank you ! :blush:

Some of these are f :open_mouth::open_mouth:king amazing seriously very very good

That’s really great!
Many styles, and great quality!!!

Glad you like it guys. :blush:

Amazing! The quality and diversity are impressive.

I appreciate, don’t hesitate to share it ! :grin:

also need to say that you got a talent :smiley: amazing work!

dont get why its BY-NC-ND on Bandcamp and free in others, but anyway Nice work, will contact if will want to use one in future.