From Blender to jME SDK Tutorial

Hi everyone,

I’m new to learning the jME 3.0 SDK, but so far I like what I’m seeing. I’ve done almost all the tutorials and find it really easy to use. However, I tried simply importing a model from Blender into jME SDK, but to no avail. I’ve tried multiple OGRE exporters, tried many different things, and I simply can’t seem to make the Blender → jME process work. I was wondering if someone here knows of a tutorial online (couldn’t find one) which teaches exactly the process of 1) making a model in Blender (perhaps I did something with my models which was forbidden?), 2) exporting that model using OGRE, and 3) importing said model into jME.

The main problem I’m running into is that jME seems to ignore whatever material files are spat out by the OGRE exporter. Anyways, if anyone knoes of such a tutorial I would greatly appreciate it.



This is talking about animated models but may still help you:

Thanks zarch, but that’s not quite what I was looking for.

There seems to be another problem. When I try to load an obj+mtl file in jME, I get the following errors:

Unknown statement in MTL! 0

Unknown statement in OBJ! o

Unknown statement in OBJ! off

… many more like those

Does anyone know what I can do to fix those? Thanks!

Does the model look fine? A lot of useless statements are currently ignored by the OBJ importer.

Only the “first” geometry appearing in the obj file is loaded. In my case it’s an icosphere. However, nothing else after loads.

It seems I haven’t looked into it with much detail. It seems some statement is corrupting the state of the OBJ loader and causing it to fail after the first model. Can you post the .obj file with the issue?