FX & Soundscape Pack To Bring Your Projects To life

I am pleased to announce the release of an FX pack comprising of 50 professional quality original effects & soundscapes to bring your project to life.

Preview is in sequence for ease of listening, & does not show all sounds included in pack.

Download contains each sound separately and has been designed for instant start in order to simplify looping should it be needed.


Kind Regards



Wow, excellent again!

Is there any interest on your side in adding these as SDK AssetPacks to the repository? Or make them available as SDK AssetPacks through your site? I’d have to add this functionality (other repositories) to the SDK but the PHP code for the server isn’t very complicated and should be adaptable to your site too if you want people to register before downloading (which I’d understand). If you have other ideas on how such a collaboration could work hit me.

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I’m sure they would be very glad to have these (whichever ones are free I mean) over at Freesound.org as well. I don’t think they have any policy against linking back to your own site for some extra exposure for your contribution.