Galago2D library for making 2D games

Hi there Monkey.

After a few requests I decided to create a little java library for how to create a 2D game in jME.
This library will assist the user in making a 2D game with or without physics.
I make use of Dyn4j as physics engine.

Please give it a try and let me know if there is any difficulty using it.
I do have a good wiki page of how one would use it under the readme file.

@ItsMike54, this one is for you.

And check it out on the software store:


Looks cool :slightly_smiling_face:

What about adding it to


HI @ndebruyn, I download the Galago2D and import into my project. But it show error:

What happen here ?

Never mind, I see what happen and I also fix it. Just use jmonkeyEngine sdk to create a Java Class Library and import all the Galago2D source code in it , and also import .jar file that galago need. Then just simple build to jar, and import to another project libraries. :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Simon, first I want to say thanks for using and testing the code.

I noticed from your screenshot that you do not have the dyn4j 3.3 library setup in your project.
Would you mind adding it and then let me know if it works then?

You can get it here. I will update the wiki.

You are welcome @ndebruyn :grinning:, and thanks for the link that you share. I add the dn4j libraries to my project and most error are disappear but I realize it had another error at this line:

import com.bruynhuis.galago.sprite.Sprite;

Then I found the Galago framework ,I just download and import to my porject. Now the Galago2D libraries are working fine. :smile:

ei @ndebruyn , I found another bug:

Did I miss anything ?

You should not use Galago. Please only use Galago2D.

This class is part of another project.

import com.bruynhuis.galago.sprite.Sprite;

Ooh ! I see ,it was my false :sweat_smile: And now it is working fine.

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Hi all.
After some action on the 2D front in jME I decided I had to update my 2D library to make use of the latest Dyn4J version.
This is still a work in progress but here you can see I have simple draw box to screen and physics space sample.