Game anonce WW Paris

conver all (2) models to j3o and add lod

Node sceneNode = (Node)rootNode.getChild("Plane");

       Geometry sceneGeometry = (Geometry)sceneNode.getChild(0);
       LodGenerator lod = new LodGenerator(sceneGeometry);
       lod.bakeLods(LodGenerator.TriangleReductionMethod.PROPORTIONAL,0.25f, 0.5f, 0.75f);
       LodControl lc = new LodControl();

the game is ready, but Iā€™m not sure that it will not work on a mobile phone
tried to use low poly models

waiting for a solution to the problem

not sure what is done, but for sure you have missing Light probes to render PBR models properly.
Also picking models randomly, will never give nice result. Too much different styles.
Not to mention to use some filters or something to look it better too. But since it must be Mobile game, then idk.

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how to add Light probes?
in blender?

in game.

its same in blender the fortest ball in bottom-right of your screenshot.

you can use either LightProbeFactory to generate one from your game environment or load some existing ones(like blender load forest one)

You can watch this for example to understand (you can do everything via Code ofc):

Use + Blender to use some pre-made models & animations. No programming skills needed:


For some reason it amuses me you called her Tiffany :joy:

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Cool! Keep up, make sure to remove those logs once you are on an alpha production or use only debug logs. Good Luck!