Game anonce WW Paris

Platform: android
type: shooter

Who play medal of honor?
1944 you, as an ally, liberated Paris from the Nazis in your phone :smiley:

I make some shit from hello collision and hello picking tutorial :smiley:

but it works under android :slight_smile:

Off top:
I have been programming for 20 years (web) and wanted to become a game developer.
Today my dreams come true thanks to the jmonkey team.
Today jmonkey version is very good
So many thanks to the development team and the community


I will post here those solutions that are used, maybe someone will come in handy

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Gun on creeen

      Vector3f vectorDifference = new Vector3f(cam.getLocation().subtract(charPosition.getWorldTranslation()));

    Quaternion worldDiff = new Quaternion(cam.getRotation().mult(charPosition.getWorldRotation().inverse()));

    // Move it to the bottom right of the screen
    charPosition.rotate(0.3f, FastMath.PI, 0);

moving object to object

 BitmapFont guiFont = assetManager.loadFont("Interface/Fonts/Default.fnt");
            hpText = new BitmapText(guiFont, false);

            hpText.setText("HP:" + Integer.toString(hp));
            hpText.setLocalTranslation(0, height-160, 0);


        shootSound.setLooping(false); // activate continuous playing


freelance modelers asking from $ 200 for a regular model

can someone model a normal character for free?

be a co-author of the game

Look here:

…search for what you need.

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Obtaining high quality character models with clean animations seems to be one of the most challenging obstacles for an indie dev with 3d games (from my experience) especially if you want original assets.

It is typically much more affordable and convenient to buy animated models from a site (like Sketchfab for example) where you can purchase pre-created character models, typically for 10-50 dollars for a fully animated model, rather than contracting a modeler to make original models for your game. But of course this can potentially also make your game less original depending on how much original art you mix in with models from an asset store, and it can often be hard to find a model that both looks good and has a wide variety of the animations you need.

Another alternate is to use a free program like MakeHuman that can generate basic rigged character models. However you then need to create your own clothing and animations which can still be a difficult task even once you have a base human model.

I would be happy to share the human model I’m using in my game with you, I generated it with MakeHuman so it looks decent, but the animations are still low-quality and I only have a female version right now. So I’m not sure how useful that will be since I imagine you are mostly looking for a male human model for a war game. But here’s a link in case you want to mess with it and see what you can expect if you decide to use MakeHuman:


But let me point out that at your current stage of learning, you will be better off with place-holder art. Find something that will mechanically work and then spend time actually writing the code for your game.

You can spend a lot of time and money on art and then still have no actual game.

You can get really really far with this model:

Once you have some game play then you can worry about replacing that. (My estimate, probably one year from now.)


thanks i try make human

I make simply game for mobile
will be ready in 2 weeks
you are right, you can spend a lot of time on art and not make a game
I will work on the code

Good luck.


Make: hp, cartridges, ammo, aim, monster with logic, sound
just listen :slight_smile:

quake 3 and postal 2 resting :rofl:

You may also use characters with tons of ready animations.


search good working model

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