[Game] Infernalek, The Game


Project name: Infernalek, The Game

Game type: Dexterity

Website: http://infernalreality.pl/

Forum: http://infernalreality.pl/forum/

License: Commercial

Recruiting: Currently we are looking for game artists and programmers


manver@infernalreality.pl (Manver)

korneliuszsmolik@gmail.com (Fenrill)

radek@infernalreality.pl (Radek)

Status: Active development


Have you ever wondered what does the Other World look like? Well we did, that is why we would like to introduce to you the funniest story full of black humour which is a parody and allusion to our world. Game ‘Infernalek’ tells a story of heir to the Throne of Hell. Lucifer, king of the Underworld, like every father wants his son to be like him but there is nothing he can do to change it, boy is good and on top of that is passionate musician. His skills together with magical gitar allows him to slip through many troublesome situations. Spirits following our character seems to be quite clever so chase does not end up just in hell. In time Infernalek learns that he was dragged into something more what he did not realise.

This project is an example of original and fascinating game made by Infernal Reality Team. Main good points of it are humour, action and completely new world made by our team members. Hopefully you all will be satisfied and enjoy every minute spend with our game. We wanted to make something funny and entertaining to everybody. Plot and the alternative world makes that player will not stop until learns how adventures of Infernalek ends.

Right now we are working on demo of the game. So if you are passionate and ambitious like us you are welcome to join our team. We need programmers and game artists but if you are a musician feel free to contact us as well.

Everybody who is interested in this project please visit www.infernalreality.pl you can also contact through email manver@infernalreality.pl (Manver)

korneliuszsmolik@gmail.com (Fenrill)

radek@infernalreality.pl (Radek)

You should also visit our forum with international corner and feel free to comment our work.

Here are some screenshots and concept arts:

Used API’s:

    * JME 2.0

    * Swing

    * JMF

Our tools:

    * IR-Editor, brand new JME 2.0 based level editor


    * The full list of active members is at the official site

cool, looks very nice already.

Thanks :slight_smile: We hope that this info will focus jme community attention on this project. From time to time I'll post new screenshots to show development progress.

i can help with network + alittlebit of 3d programming

We're looking for experienced programmers.

How experienced?

Generally we're looking for people who have knowledge about game programming and who are familiar with JME. If anyone is interested in Infernalek and Infernal Reality Team we are open to new people - just contact me through PM, e-mail (fearcaster@tlen.pl) or skype: radoslaw_sypen

Maybe I'm interested

Depends on, what you exactly expect from newcomers :stuck_out_tongue:

I was a bit disappointed upon seeing the in-game pics. Not because of the graphics or modeling work, but because it's missing so much of that immensely beautiful color work in those conceptual pics. I can only assume that's what you're ultimately aiming for so me saying this is redundant, but I just think if you already now changed those default grey/dark textures to strong tints of pink and purple like in that last conceptual pic.

I think your preview shots would immediately look more distinct and true to your artwork.