Game:Slag & jME @ PAX downunder

So as i try and finish a game and make money before i get too hungry. I went to PAX in Australia a few weeks ago

In fine Indie form my game was hardly a tech demo. In fact for the first day, Friday i was coding the dam thing. Yep sitting at my stand writing code. I got a lot of interest. As probably the only person outside android devs using java many would be “i work full time in Enterprise but want to give games a crack” asked about jME. And even the wisdom of the java choice. Had some interesting conversions about life, languages and game engines. Including discussions with the main unreal and unity people in Aussie.

So i finished the game at 10 to 6, just before the main indie media event. Free beer and food! And of course everyone from game spot to some blogger you never heard of. They came and played SLAG, well a few of em did. You got a random tank body and a random turret which gave you pretty random stats. You got to run around a small map and shoot the other guy. It only had PvP. To my surprise people really liked it.

I got interviewed a few times. I don’t interview that well…

We are using the PBR rendering pipe line and finding it AWESOME. Really looking forward to real textures etc.

Anyways more updates will be coming soon.


man you kidding? you do great on interviews :wink:
Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

Nah man, you interview excellent. :sunglasses: