Game states

What’s the best way to implement this? I haven’t been since jme2 and at that time I used StandardGame/GameState. Now there’s AppState, but I don’t think I should wrap all of a certain game state inside of it.

At first, I tried detaching and attaching AppStates on game state transitions. However, these game state transition functions will get messy quickly… maybe. I’m thinking about making my own GameState and GameStateManager, but I feel like I’ll be reinventing the wheel.

Why is it messy? What would your game state manager do that app state manager is not doing?

The GameStates of jME2 did nothing else than what the AppStates in jME3 do, only uglier with static methods…?

So I should just create something like PlayState extends AbstractAppState and have PlayState contain necessary AppStates?

Yeah you could, why not.

Thanks normen. I must have been overthinking this…