Game works fine on Linux but an empty black screen on Windows

Has anyone seen this before? It appears as if the game loads fine. I can see several debugging messages printed to the Java console; however, the screen stays entirely black. It is also unresponsive to input. I have to ctrl+alt+del to terminate the program.

The game works completely fine on Linux, and I'm using Java WebStart for deployment. The JNLP does include the correct binaries for Windows versus Linux.

I forgot to mention that I'm using StandardGame. All updates to the code take places in the update() method, which should mean it is all in the opengl thread. I'm also running the code in windowed mode. I forget the resolution, but it is relatively small. Something like 600x600.

Sounds like there might be an exception thrown but it is discarded silently… That would explain why it becomes unresponsive.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll double check this. I am running the Java console and it doesn't dump out any information.

Driver problems maybe?