Gameplay footage

bunch of in game footage


Awesome stuff man, love to see jME3 in action like that :slight_smile:

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Dude!!! That looks really interesting. Im trying to figure out how the different Universe Gernades help the player play.

Can you explain some on how the game play works.

Let me know if you need beta tester.


Really awesome work there man. This is quickly looking to be one of the furthest developed jME3 games to date.

Pro tip: Start spreading that link to around more :stuck_out_tongue: We don’t mind some self-advertising around here so long as it’s within appropriate jME context. Also take advantage of YouTube’s in-video tabs, so users can actually click your pop-up link.

You’ve been showing off all kinds of neat sneak-peaks these last couple of weeks. So in what capacity are you making this game? Reading your About page, it sounds like you’re taking a stab at (commercial?) indie development, outside of a purely educational context. Is that right?

very nice use of shaders and particles, good job! looks awesome

That is an awesome looking game!! It’ll be absolutely amazing when it’s finished!

Can’t wait to play it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all your support guys :slight_smile:

@erlend_sh Thanks a lot. The site has been up less than 48 hours so am just learning how to spread the word. I will have a look into the youtube linking, I’m new to, and a bit crap at, youtube.

I work full time as a web developer and do this during my limited time off, I enjoy this kind of work too much for it to just be a hobby so I’m going to try and pull together some of my hard work and see where it gets me - step one: blog/website.

@gbluntzer Some universes don’t have bullets so in there a player is safe from gunfire, some have different weapons - for the better or worse (in medieval there is no shotgun, only a stick, and hand grenades are useless rocks), the physics is also be unique to them, so time can be slowed or sped up, gravity can be lowered or removed to help getting to higher places on the map, where there is a locked door in one universe, another can have no door at all. I also have one universe in the pipeline that is underwater (this helps the player with moister).

The game play is currently “generic 3rd person shooter TDM” where I can throw different tech ideas around in, see where they goes. I doubt it will stay this way. There is currently death, score, teams and respawns but they get in the way of development so are mostly toggled off. All the core concepts in the game will translate to a multiplayer environment (so far), this has been a reasonably important goal.

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