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Some one knows a tutorial of games to create MMplayer?

-how many vertex…

-how create a MMplayer…

Thx guys!

mud, you don't care about me…you only care about what I can do for you.  :cry:

…now JGN you should love. :slight_smile:


mud, you don't care about only care about what I can do for you.

damn, I didnt realize it was so obvious ;)

Hi guys!!!

The JGN I make download 2 weeks ago…I like to know if you have a Tutorial about create a game…Because I note…that if you create a cenario with many vertex…(40000, for instance)…the keyframe down drasctic(because this, I don


perhaps it would be a good idea to move this discussion to the JGN forums instead:


go darkfrog :smiley: I am also new to multiplayer coding and a simple example of a game would be awesome


I’m assuming you mean multiplayer game over the internet?  I am actually in the process of writing an extremely simple game that I will be releasing the source to that is a multiplayer game in order to demonstrate the use of my JGN project and give people a basic understanding of how it can be utilized in a game.

If you check out the JGN project there are many many examples in the source code though:



is change…