Garbage collector & AbsoluteMouse

Here is my problem : I create in a GameState an AbsoluteMouse instance, then create a new GameState with a new AbsoluteMouse instance, and remove the old one.

However, when I use a profiler to find memory leaks, the first AbsoluteMouse is still referenced by RenderQueue$SpatialList.tlist, which is the attribute SpatialList orthoBucket of RenderQueue. And I don't find how to remove the AbsoluteMouse from the bucket, I've tried to clear buckets, but it didn't work… That's not a huge problem, but I don't like memory leaks, so any help welcomed :wink:

looks like tlist is a temporary helper variable which is not null-ed after it isn't needed anymore. the dev people should fix this.

That was my idea, too. However as I haven't taken a close look at the code, I prefer to ask if I've made a mistake before crying there is a "bug" in the library :stuck_out_tongue: